Trilha sonora Game of Thrones – Todas as músicas por temporada

Game of Thrones é uma das séries de maior sucesso da história. Tanto em audiência quanto em engajamento dos fãs, surpreende a cada episódio. Em todas as suas 7 temporadas, foram muitas músicas utilizadas. Elaboramos uma lista com a trilha sonora Game of Thrones para que você possa conhecer cada música e saber o seu nome.

A série é baseada nos livros de George R. R. Martin. Ambientada em uma era muito distante, semelhante ao período medieval, Game of Thrones tem forte presença de trilha sonora, no entanto, diferente de outras séries, poucas composições (além do tema de abertura) se destacam.

Muitas das trilhas sonoras Game of Thrones são intituladas com o próprio nome do episódio, por isso acabam ocasionando confusões algumas vezes.

Trilha sonora Game of Thrones

As músicas estão listadas por temporada e em ordem de execução. Para encontrar essas músicas, basta pesquisar no YouTube no seguinte modelo: “nome da música + soundtrack”.

trilha sonora game of thronesPrimeira temporada – 2011:

  1. Main Title
    2. North Of The Wall
    3. Goodbye Brother
    4. The Kingsroad
    5. The King’s Arrival
    6. Love In The Eyes
    7. A Raven From King’s Landing
    8. The Wall
    9. Things I Do For Love
    10. A Golden Crown
    11. Winter Is Coming
    12. A Bird Without Feathers
    13. Await The King’s Justice
    14. You’ll Be Queen One Day
    15. The Assassin’s Dagger
    16. To Vaes Dothrak
    17. Jon’s Honor
    18. Black Of Hair
    19. You Win Or You Die
    20. Small Pack Of Wolves
    21. Game Of Thrones
    22. Kill Them All
    23. The Pointy End
    24. Victory Does Not Make Us Conquerors
    25. When The Sun Rises In The West
    26. King Of The North
    27. The Night’s Watch
    28. Fire And Blood
    29. Finale

Segunda temporada – 2012:

  1. Main Title
    2. The Throne Is Mine
    3. What Is Dead May Never Die
    4. Warrior Of Light
    5. Valar Morghulis
    6. Winterfell
    7. Qarth
    8. Wildfire
    9. I Am Hers, She Is Mine
    10. Pyat Pree
    11. Don’t Die With A Clean Sword
    12. We Are The Watchers On The Wall
    13. Pay The Iron Price
    14. One More Drink Before The War
    15. House Of The Undying
    16. Stand And Fight
    17. The Old Gods And The New
    18. Mother Of Dragons
    19. I Will Keep You Safe
    20. The Rains Of Castomere Performed by The National
    21. Three Blasts

Terceira temporada – 2013:

  1. Main Title
    2. A Lannister Always Pays His Debts
    3. Dracarys
    4. I Paid the Iron Price
    5. Chaos is a Ladder
    6. Dark Wings, Dark Words
    7. You Know Nothing
    8. Wall of Ice
    9. Kingslayer
    10. I Have To Go North
    11. White Walkers
    12. ItΓÇÖs Always Summer Under the Sea (performed by Kerry Ingram)
    13. Reek
    14. The Bear and the Maiden Fair (performed by The Hold Steady)
    15. The Night is Dark
    16. The Lannisters Send Their Regards
    17. Heir to Winterfell
    18. Mhysa
    19. For the Realm

Quarta temporada – 2014:

  1. Main Titles
    2. The Rains of Castamere
    3. Breaker of Chains
    4. Watchers On the Wall
    5. IÆm Sorry For Today
    6. Thenns
    7. Mereen
    8. First of His Name
    9. The Biggest Fire the North Has Ever Seen
    10. Three Eyed Raven
    11. Two Swords
    12. Oathkeeper
    13. You Are No Son of Mine
    14. The North Remembers
    15. LetÆs Kill Some Crows
    16. CrasterÆs Keep
    17. The Real North
    18. Forgive Me
    19. He Is Lost
    20. I Only See What Matters
    21. Take Charge of Your Life
    22. The Children

Quinta temporada – 2015:

  1. Main Titles
    2. Blood of the Dragon
    3. House of Black and White
    4. Jaws of the Viper
    5. Hardhome, Pt. 1
    6. Hardhome, Pt. 2
    7. Mother’s Mercy
    8. Kill the Boy
    9. Dance of Dragons
    10. Kneel for No Man
    11. High Sparrow
    12. Before the Old Gods
    13. Atonement
    14. I Dreamt I Was Old
    15. The Wars to Come
    16. Forgive Me
    17. Son of the Harpy
    18. Throne for the Game

Sexta temporada – 2016:

1.Main Titles

  1. Blood of My Blood
  2. Light of the Seven
  3. Needle
  4. Coronation
  5. Feed the Hounds
  6. My Watch Has Ended
  7. The Red Woman
  8. Hold the Door
  9. Khaleesi
  10. Maester
  11. A Painless Death
  12. Reign
  13. Let’s Play a Game
  14. Bastard
  15. Trust Each Other
  16. Winter Has Come
  17. Hear Me Roar
  18. The Winds of Winter
  19. Lord of Light (Bonus Track)
  20. Service of the Gods (Bonus Track)
  21. I Need You by My Side (Bonus Track)
  22. The Tower (Bonus Track)
  23. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (Bonus Track)
  24. I Choose Violence (Bonus Track)
  25. Hodor (Bonus Track)

Sétima temporada – 2017:

  1. Main Titles
    2. Dragonstone
    3. Shall We Begin?
    4. The Queen’s Justice
    5. A Game I Like to Play
    6. I Am the Storm
    7. The Gift
    8. Dragonglass
    9. Spoils of War, Pt. 1
    10. Spoils of War, Pt. 2
    11. The Dagger
    12. Home
    13. Gorgeous Beasts
    14. The Long Farewell
    15. Against All Odds
    16. See You for What You Are
  2. Casterly Rock
  3. A Lion’s Legacy
    19. Message for Cersei
  4. Ironborn
    21. No One Walks Away from Me
    22. Truth
    23. The Army of the Dead
    24. Winter Is Here

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